Summer Fun List

Published April 25, 2012 by shanadixon

The semester is almost over. Just a few more days and it will be finals week.

Then I get a break! I can NOT wait.

I won’t be on campus for almost two whole months… What will I do with myself? (Besides work more.)


Every year , since she was old enough to write, I have Amber make a “summer fun list.” Anything and everything goes on the list.. small crafts to over night trips. It’s whatever we “want” to do……..  That doesn’t necessarily mean we WILL do everything on the list.

We’ve already started this years list. Here’s some of what we hope to do.

  1. Go to the beach.
  2. Fly Kites on the beach.
  3. Picnic on the beach
  4. Make garden crafts
  5. Plant a topsy turvey strawberry plant.
  6. Spend the day at Blue Bayou
  7. Make  paper Mache Monsters
  8. Go to Girl Scout Camp
  9. Clean the pool
  10. Build a really big sandcastle
  11. Eat an ice cream cake
  12. Make homemade ice cream
  13. Collect sea shells
  14. Make sea shell jewelry


The list is growing every day.  We probably won’t get everything on our list done. But it’s fun to make our summer fun list. It lets us be creative and dream and gives us a starting point for our summer time together!

What are you planning for this summer?





Super hero Poll Results

Published April 20, 2012 by shanadixon

Who made the cut as the coolest female super hero – chosen by the visitors of Super Mom’s Guide to the Universe?

Ta da da da……

Drum Roll Please………..

The winner is………………..

STORM- voted for by 32% of participants!

Thanks to all of you who participated!!

Potty Training Woes

Published April 17, 2012 by shanadixon

For my own sanity..  Abbigail needs to be potty trained. But- she refuses.

It’s ridiculous- she is 3 1/2. She should be using the “big girl potty” by now. Needless to say- Shes not.

I have tried everything trick I know to get her potty trained. Thing is… she knows what this potty stuff is all about.. She just wont do it.  She may be doing it on purpose. 🙂

I’m at my wits end and she just doesn’t seem to be bothered- AT ALL- by a wet diaper.

She wants to take dancing, go to school, be a girl scout and do anything else you can think of. I’ve tried telling her she can do all those things as soon as she starts using the big girl potty. She says she doesn’t want to.  Really? How else do you reason with a 3 year old?? I’ve tried potty treats and potty books and special potty toys… I’ve tried letting her run around naked or with just panties (Both lead to a big mess mom has to clean up)… I’ve tried taking her once an hour to “try”…   None of these things work on her. She simply won’t do it.

So what’s a mom to do?

I’ve decided, if she goes off to college in diapers.. That’s all on her! She’ll be the one embarrassed right? This is all fine and great except to get to college, we must first get through high school, middle school and elementary school…. all of which (I’m taking a wild guess here) she must be potty trained for. So I’m back to square one.

I keep telling myself ‘”This will be the week!!”

I’m trying to stay positive.

Surly, this can’t last much longer.



Garden Crafts

Published April 11, 2012 by shanadixon

Its starting to feel like summer!

For many people summer means growing  flowers and planting a gardening. Even though I have nothing near what could be called a green thumb- (Mine is more like black!)- the kids and I LOVE making a pretty flower garden every year. We spruce it up with pretty garden stakes and stepping stones. This year, since monkey (er.. Abbi) is old enough to “help,” we are going to make our own garden decorations. I thought I would share some of the things we are going to try.

Decorative Garden Stakes

I don’t usually plant a garden, but my dad does. We are gonna make these cute garden stakes for him. I bought the clear rocks needed at Michael’s. It was $2.49 for a bag of about 20. Dollar Tree also sells them, but they don’t have clear- only colored.

Garden Apron

These aprons made from an old pair of blue jeans are super cute! The girls will love them… and since all you reall need is a little lace and ribbon- they seem really easy to make!

This will be my favorite! Wire Garden Art      I Love  pretty dragonflies and butterflies- and so do my girls. This will be alot of fun!

I also have a few of my own ideas. I’ll let ya’ll know how it all turns out. If you have any ideas to share…… Please post them below!!

Happy Gardening!

Life’s Little Pleasures

Published April 5, 2012 by shanadixon

Being a mom brings with it hundreds of things one may  otherwise never get to experience:

Sweet baby kisses….  Sleeping with a baby on your chest…. Being called Mommy…. Hearing someone call you Mommy for the first time….

All those things are wonderful.

But there is another side.

Poopy diapers,  Days of no sleep, food in your hair, spit up on your shirt…. You get the idea.

I ADORE my kids. I wouldn’t give up the long days and sleepless nights for anything. But lets face it: As much as I’d like to be a superhero, I am just Human. I need Sleep.

Sleep has to be the most taken for granted and, undoubtedly, the most underrated of life’s simple gifts.

Few other things would give me as much pleasure as sleep would right now. Not Chocolate or wine… Maybe not even Money. I need sleep.

Nerdy Stuff: Titan

Published March 29, 2012 by shanadixon

If you don’t know, Titan is the largest of Saturn’s 53 moons. It’s also one of the few celestial bodies in our solar system to have an atmosphere. I remember hearing years ago that Titan was the best chance, in our solar system, of finding life outside of Earth.  I’ve been fascinated ever since!

A couple of weeks ago I caught a Science channel show all about Titan and learned all kinds of new and interesting stuff.

In 1997 NASA,  in a  joint effort with the European Space Agency, launched a spacecraft, Cassini, to explore Saturn and it’s moons. A probe, Huygenns, was piggybacked to Cassini. The only mission of the probe was to land on the surface of Titan. On January 14, 2005 it did just that. For the first time humans were able to see through Titan’s thick atmosphere and view it’s surface.

This is a photo taken from the probe on Titan’s surface

The photo in itself may not reveal anything extraordinary (to most people!) I think what intrigues me the most is that we actually made it there. We sent a space craft millions of miles away- and managed to take pictures and have them sent back to Earth. Just the idea is fascinating.  It is just amazing we can do such things!

You can learn more about the Cassini spacecraft, which is still in orbit around Saturn HERE.

You Can read more about Titan HERE.

Lady Gaga as a Role Model?

Published March 26, 2012 by shanadixon

I can’t exactly say I’ve been a big fan of Lady Gaga. Honestly, she came off as kind of scary. And who can forget that meat dress??

Truth is, I didn’t bother to find out much else about her. I didn’t dislike her- But I didn’t make an effort to find out any more than the few seconds I would catch about her here and there on TV.

Recently while I was up late one night flipping through the TV, I caught the tail end of one of Oprah’s new shows (Next Chapter?? Maybe).  I don’t know what the entire show was about since I just saw the last few minutes, but the part I did see had Lady Gaga surprising a several kids who were empowered by her song “Born this Way.” These kids, who were all bullied or picked on in some way, were inspired by Lady Gaga and found strength in the song itself. The show also highlighted Lady Gaga’s Born this way foundation- which I had never heard of.

I was in awe.  I had heard the song . The words are powerful- but I never thought about the impact such lyrics could have on a child. Hearing these kids tell their stories of how this one song empowered them and how Lady Gaga helped change the way they think of themselves was nothing less than impressive.

I guess, for me anyway, it was most surprising because it’s Lady Gaga. She is just not someone I would have thought of as a positive role model.

I was wrong.

Despite my differing opinion on some of her choices for making fashion statements, she is a empowering today’s youth. AND that is ALWAYS a good thing.

You can visit the Born this way foundation website at

Here’s the Born this way Video. Even though I’m now an official Lady Gaga Fan- the start of this video is.. well… a little odd.